Based in Troy, NY, for years F&M Select operated a retail storefront downtown. Our inventory is currently distributed through other retailers and online.

At F&M Select we specialize in refurbishing/restoring and finding new homes for vintage HI-FI stereo and 2-way radio electronics. If you're looking to get rid of some old audio electronics, instead of the trash or  paying to recycle them, consider selling them to us. We buy from individuals, and companies & institutions. We take in any where from a few pieces to over 100 items at a time.

Please contact us through the form at bottom of this web page.

We Buy

1950-1970's Stereo Receivers, Turntables, Amplifiers, AMPS, Pre AMPs; Technics, SONY, Yamaha, ONKYO, Pioneer, Marantz, B&O, McIntosh, etc. We also buy vintage 2 way radio equipment, Citizens Band CB, Ham radio equipment etc.


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